Benefits of PRP Therapy

The Three Majors Benefits of PRP Therapy

Your body’s ability to heal itself is extraordinary. However, when it can’t, one of the best natural alternatives is Platelet Rich Plasma injections. PRP injections use the power of your own platelets, re-injected to promote regeneration and healing of tissues. PRP therapy is holistic and scientifically proven to improve and treat joint pain and sports injuries and help restore hair loss. There are three major benefits PRP therapy can provide to someone. Let’s dive deeper into what PRP therapy is used for and how PRP therapy can benefit you.

Joint Pain

PRP injections for joint pain and arthritis are a natural solution to decreasing pain directly in the affected joint. By increasing collagen and elastin production, PRP reduces inflammation, and therefore, it slows down the progression of osteoarthritis. PRP also stimulates the production of new cartilage and increases natural lubrication surrounding joints, easing uncomfortable joint friction. 

Sports Injuries

The same regenerative treatment used to treat arthritis can also be of benefit to speed up the recovery process of sports and other injuries. PRP therapy also lessens the need for stronger pain medications such as opioids. PRP therapy is useful in treating soft-tissue joint injuries, such as rotator cuff tears and Achilles tendon ruptures. 

Hair Restoration

PRP for hair restoration is an all-natural, scientifically proven tool for hair restoration. By stimulating dormant follicles, PRP injections for hair loss promote growth and strengthen already existing hair. New hair growth begins around three months after injections, with continued improvement, over time.

If you’re experiencing pain or are frustrated with hair loss, give us a call. The benefits of PRP therapy may be the solution you’ve been missing. Aqua Body Lab is proud to offer PRP therapy solutions for all of the above conditions. Schedule a consultation with us today.